The Executive Board of the Academy has agreed the following aims and objectives:

  • To develop learning activities (concrete modules) and European qualifications for diaconia in the EU framework, for the Central and Eastern European region.
  • To develop programmes that combine education and training with work experience as an important factor in developing lifelong learning.
  • To ensure the accreditation and recognition of the training offered.
  • To develop the training for the trainers.
  • To develop cooperation with institutions that are interested to join the programme as partners (at regional, national or international levels) and to define their roles.
  • To develop and support cooperation with public sector, nongovernmental and governmental sector organisations on the regional, national or international level.
  • To develop the public relations programme of the Academy.

Structure of the interdiac - Executive and Advisory Board

The structure of the Academy is a non-profit organisation registered in the Czech Republic.

The following bodies are included within the structure of the not-for-profit organization:

1. Executive Council
2. Advisory Board
3. Director
4. Honorary Council

The Partners of the interdiac form an Honorary Council from which one member is invited to sit on the Executive and the Advisory Boards. For more about this see the web site section on Partners.


Executive Board Members

Jan Wacławek – chair Bishop, Silesian Lutheran Church, Czech Republic
Antti Elenius Programme Director, Helsinki Deaconess Institute, Finland
Eija-Riitta Kinnunen Development Group Leader, Diak, Finland
Nicole Borisuk  Director, ´Living Hope´, Odessa, Ukraine 
Michael Spott Consultant for organisational development and fundraising, Germany
Monika Klimková  Project Manager, Silesian Diakonia, Czech Republic


Advisory Board Members

Jiří Ziętek – chair Executive Head, Třinecké gastronomické služby, s.r.o, Czech Republic
Lilia Bulat  Director, Moldavian Christian Aid, Moldova 
Martin Pietak Pastor, Silesian Lutheran Church, Czech Republic