The Academy has two founding organisations:

Silesian Diaconia, which took the lead in researching the needs analysis and which has invested in the infrastructure and development of the Academy.

Helsinki Deaconess Institute which is a social service provider in Finland and has a long history of training and international work, is supporting the development of the Academy. Helsinki Deaconess Institute is one of the co-owners of the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (Diak), which is also supporting the programme development of the Academy.

Silesian Diaconia, Czech Republic

SD-vodorovne logoSilesian Diaconia is a non – profit organisation based on Christian values providing services in the social and educational field.

The main aims of the organisation are:

  • To provide assistance to people with disabilities, old people, homeless people and people with psychological problems.
  • To combat social exclusion and support social enterprise.

As well as these activities Silesian Diaconia organises leisure time activities, after school lessons and support for children and young people from a disadvantaged social and educational background in local clubs.

Silesian Diaconia is the umbrella organisation for about 65 Homes and Centres. Nowadays Silesian Diaconia is involved in international projects promoting the non-formal learning of professional staff and international volunteers.

Silesian Diaconia is a member of national and international umbrella organisations: EDYN, Eurodiaconia, EAPN, EASPD, City Mission World Association, Czech Council of Children and Youth, Diaconia in the Czech Republic, Association of Asyl Homes, etc.

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Helsinki Deaconess Institute


The Helsinki Deaconess Institute is a foundation with 150 years of experience in social and health issues, such as housing, community development, education, child and family services, and substance abuse work. The activities and services are based on the Christian ethos of ‘love your neighbour’. The purpose is to provide support the most vulnerable.

The Helsinki Deaconess Institute has a long history of international cooperation in the developing countries, in the neighbouring areas of Finland, and in Europe. In addition to networking, the on-going projects have a strong emphasis on education and capacity building.

Currently, the Helsinki Deaconess Institute has several on-going development cooperation projects as well as other international projects in Southern Africa and wider Europe. The focus of these projects is on community development. In its international cooperation, the Helsinki Deaconess Institute focuses on themes of diaconia, notably participatory youth work, supporting the vulnerable elderly, and the rights of women and girls.

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