Governance and Staff

The structure of the Academy is a non-profit organisation registered in the Czech Republic.

The following bodies are included within the organisational structure:

  • Executive Board
  • Advisory Board
  • Honorary Council
  • Director & staff members

Executive Board Members

Jiří Ziętek - chair Executive Head, Třinecké gastronomické služby, s.r.o, Czech Republic
Tsovinar Ghazaryan Programme Officer, World Council of Churches, Armenia Inter-Church
Charitable Round Table Foundation, Armenia
Anca Enache Development Manager, Helsinki Deaconess Institute, Finland
Jouko Porkka Senior Lecturer, Diak, Helsinki, Finland
Mathew Ross Programme Executive – Diakonia and Capacity Building, World Council of Churches, Switzerland
Lucie Ližičková Project Manager, Silesian Diakonia, Czech Republic

Advisory Board Members

Martin Pietak Pastor, Vice bishop, Silesian Lutheran Church, Czech Republic
Nicole Borisuk Director, ´Living Hope´, Ukraine
Eija-Riitta Kinnunen Development Group Leader, Diak, Helsinki, Finland

Honorary Council

The Partners of interdiac form an Honorary Council from which one member is invited to sit on the Executive Board and one on the Advisory Board.

Each partner organisation nominates its representative for Honorary Council. Nowadays interdiac has 15 partner organisations from 13 different countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia:

Staff Members

The Director is the statutory representative of the organisation. The Director and Head of Education build a Management Team which is accountable to the Executive Board.

interdiac is considered to be a horizontal structure. Openness and trust are essential for managing the resources of this organisational structure. With regard to staff, it is a priority to recruit and involve the experts from the region of Central and Eastern European countries and build the capacities in the region.

International teams in accordance with the working initiatives are built up.  The working process for the teams uses on-line meetings and occasional face-to-face meetings to enable international participation.

Janka Adameova          Director 
Tony Addy         Head of Education, Programme Consultant
Oksana Prosvirnina         Research Coordinator, Senior Lecturer
Tsovinar Ghazaryan         Senior Expert: Research & Development
Dr. Aiva Rozenberga         Senior Expert: Sprituality
Dr. Ulla Siirto         Research Theme Coordinator
Jouko Porkka         Research Theme Coordinator
Emeritus Prof. Dr. Herman Noordegraaf         Research Theme Coordinator


Lecturers, Senior Experts, Experts, Desk Researchers and others are appointed for specific tasks for the different programmes & initiatives.

Contact details for the experts involved in specific current programmes can be obtained on request, by email to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Here you can download the interdiac Annual Reports:

Here you can download the interdiac constitution.


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