Exchange of Experience

interdiac is an international educational organisation which has experience of Networking, Training and Developmental activities in a wide international context.

The work of interdiac and its learning processes are characterised by these special features:

  • Seeking conviviality: the art and practice of living together by respecting the diversity as the enriching momentum and by the sharing  of the variety of partners’ resources in working towards the vision of interdiac.
  • Creating learning and living communities with all those involved.
  • Building up and strengthening partnerships for training and the development of diaconal activities.
  • Bringing people who are eager to make a change together to create new activities.
  • Applying a participatory approach in all activities and working processes.
  • Using blended learning composed of different methods and platforms which facilitate learning processes.
  • Integrating theory & practice with theological reflection and spirituality which are the motivation for diaconal action.
  • Reflecting on the values and ethical basis of the practice of diaconia.
  • Creating new diaconal learning programmes and diaconal concepts which are context-relevant and value based.

interdiac considers knowledge, skills, competences and experience gained as gifts received which it is important to share.

Therefore interdiac and its partner organisations in the region are open to be a part of programmes, projects & initiatives that promote two way learning for life in justice, dignity and conviviality.