Research platform workshop

The interdiac Research Platform was launched in 2017 at a workshop in which partner organisations and representatives of university and other partners participated. They recognised the need to build up a process of research on diaconia and Christian social practice in Central and Eastern Europe, because there is as yet the lack of an analytical or evaluative overview of developments.

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Diversity – Conviviality – Unity

Invitation to the convivial conference... celebrate the 10th anniversary of interdiac


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New interactive seminars

Welcome to participate in these seminars, which are for people who in their everyday practice are engaged in Diaconal, social, community or youth work.
If you have an interest to learn about approaches to the management of projects and organisations, which support change and innovation, the workshops will help you develop your knowledge and skills. They will also introduce new perspectives on the use of media in work with service users and by organisations as well as skills in advocacy and campaigning.

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Just communication?

Welcome to this course, which is for people who in their everyday practice are involved in conversations with people facing some difficulties or challenges in their life. It will help you develop your knowledge and skills.

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