Workshops on “Management for Change and Innovation”



Welcome to participate in these seminars, which are for people who in their everyday practice are engaged in Diaconal, social, community or youth work.

If you have an interest to learn about approaches to the management of projects and organisations, which support change and innovation, the workshops will help you develop your knowledge and skills. They will also introduce new perspectives on the use of media in work with service users and by organisations as well as skills in advocacy and campaigning.


You can choose one or more seminars from the list below:

Models of Management - ethical and diaconal considerations:
1.5 days on the 22nd -23rd of March 2018

This seminar will explore how you can implement diaconal and ethical perspectives in organizations and projects. In particular the seminar will:

  • enable participants to have a deeper understanding of the different approaches to management and to choose approaches to management which accord with and support ethical and diaconal positions.
  • focus on leadership models that are participatory, value based and which promote participation and transparency.
  • include approaches to the ethical and theological issues and criteria for developing and managing projects.

Deadline for application: 28th February 2018

The workshop will explore the use of social media in work with service users by diaconal organizations and NGOs and by the organizations themselves. In particular the seminar will focus on:

  • the optimal use of web sites and social media in promoting diaconal and social organisations.
  • using social media in advocacy on specific issues.
  • developing the use of social media as a means to reach and interact with specific service user groups.

Deadline for application: 6th April 2018


Advocacy and Campaigning as part of Diaconal Work:
One full day on the 20th of June 2018

The seminar will consider the development of advocacy as part of the work of Diaconia, NGO and civil society organizations, locally and nationally. In particular the seminar will focus on:

  • creating successful approaches to advocacy with and on behalf of specific groups and related to specific issues
  • building a campaign to change policy or practice locally or nationally with other stakeholders as appropriate.
  • creating and sustaining networks of active people and organisations to work long term on specific issues, especially concerning churches and diaconal organisations working with civil society.

Deadline for application: 28th May 2018



If you wish to participate in the course, please, write a short motivation letter covering the questions:

Briefly describe your current involvement in social or diaconal work (max 10 sentences)

Explain why you want to participate in this course. What are your learning goals? How this course will help your practice? (max 15 sentences)

Please send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



The workshop will allow participants to gain fresh knowledge and new skills in the relevant topics and learn from the reflection on each participant’s experience.


Programme leaders

Programme is run by the interdiac team, including the experts in the field.

Prof. Harald Askeland (VID Specialised University, Norway)

Margus Suvi (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church, Education specialist)

Martin Schenk (Deputy Director, Diakonie Austria)

Ms.OksanaProsvirina (Responsible Teacher, interdiac)

Rev. Tony Addy (Head of Education, interdiac)


Please note:

Participants will need a working knowledge of English


The seminar will take place at the interdiac learning centre

Dukelska 264/5, 737 01 Český Těšín, the Czech Republic


Financial matters

The seminar fee is 20 EUR plus the cost of accommodation in Český Těšín during the seminar if needed. These costs are kept to a minimum.

Admitted participants will have the possibility to apply for financial support to help cover travel and accommodation expenses. More detailed information will be sent to the selected candidates.


Contact for more details

Ms. Miriam Walachová
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: + 420 558 764 336
Mobile: +420 731 685 672


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