Financial support for the students of Double Degree Programme (Spring semester 2018)

Purpose of our financial support programme

Our aim is that social and diaconal workers in Central and Eastern Europe have the opportunity to be inspired by their experience of:

  • value based
  • practice related
  • contextually and theologically grounded


with a multicultural team of students and teachers

in order to support

work for change with people and communities.

Therefore we aim to offer some financial support to learners who are motivated and committed to the interdiac vision and who for very good reason cannot participate in the programme without this support.

Applying for financial support

You are asked to write a motivation letter (2 pages) which:

  • Describes the personal and professional changes you have experienced through the programme so far.
  • Explains why it is necessary for you to get financial support.
  • Indicates where else you have applied for support and your estimate of likely success.

Please write the letter as if you were writing to someone in your back home situation!


We follow the idea of sharing the resources; therefore our philosophy of support is based on co-financing, following the requirements of both individual and institutional donors. Interdiac does not guarantee that any individual student will receive support for any aspect of a course of study.

The framework of support:

- Support for subsistence (February 2018 – June 2018, 5 months):

Students already involved in the study programme can apply for support for subsistence. Support for subsistence is a fixed sum paid monthly which should contribute to cover the living costs of the individual student.

Up to 250,00€ per month can be reimbursed towards subsistence. The amount will be based on the student´s performance and participation in the study programme, including assignments, placement and supervision.

- Travel costs:

One return journey during this semester, from your home country to the venue of the study programme will be covered up to 90% of the total journey cost for this return trip. Costs must be agreed with the interdiac Tutor before buying the ticket.

Who makes a decision?

The Management Team makes the final decisions on each application for financial support.


We expect to receive the motivation letter by the 19th January 2018. The Decision will be made latest by the 31st January 2018. The applicants will be informed individually.

Please send your letter to: Ms. Miriam Walachová at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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