Guidelines for applying for financial support

  • ‘Knowledge and Skills for Community Empowerment and Participation’
    (September 2017 – January 2018)
  • ‘Management for Change and Innovation’
    (February – June 2018)
  • One year programme: ‘Knowledge and Skills for Community Empowerment and Participation’ & ‘Management for Change and Innovation’
    (September 2017 – June 2018)

You are asked to write a motivation letter

  • Why you have chosen this particular interdiac educational and learning programme (10-15 sentences).
  • Explaining why it is necessary for you to get financial support.
  • Indicating where else you have applied for support and your estimate of likely success.


We follow the idea of sharing the resources, so therefore our philosophy of support is based on co-financing following the requirements of both individual and institutional donors. Interdiac does not guarantee that any individual student will receive support for any aspect of a course of study.

The framework of support:

  • Travel costs
    Up to 90% of the total travel costs from the home country to the venue of the training by a use of reasonable, cost effective means of transport.
  • Accommodation Costs
    Up to 100% of the accommodation costs for residential workshops/contact teaching can be reimbursed.
  • Support for subsistence
    Support for subsistence is a fixed sum paid monthly which should contribute to cover the living costs of the individual student. Up to 200, - EUR/monthly can be reimbursed towards subsistence.
    The amount paid to the student each month will be subject to review related to participation in the Contact Teaching and the timely completion of the tasks introduced at the contact teaching sessions.
  • Visa costs
    Up to 100% of the visa costs can be reimbursed.

Who makes a decision?

Management Team makes the final decisions on each application for financial support.


The Dates for the Motivation letter will be specified. The applicants will be informed individually after the Selection process is completed.