Previous Learning Programmes

Since 2009, interdiac has organised a continuous series of learning programmes. In these programmes, great emphasis is placed on value-based learning, participatory approaches, context relevance. All programmes link theory and practiceand integrate theology and spirituality.

The workshops related to learning programmes are carried out in mutual co- operation with interdiac partner organisations in the region. This active involvement in diverse living and working environments strengthens the interdiac network and ensures its relevance. In light of this, some programmes are named “Mobile Workshops”, as the participants “move”to the context of diverse partner organisations.

Here you can links to some of the main interdiac learning programmes:

Innovative practice for diverse communities

Degree programme

One Semester Courses

Educational Concepts for Professionals in Multi-faith and Multi-cultural work

Diaconia in Community

Work with Marginalised Young People

Pilot module for the New Double Degree Programme


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