Research Platform


The interdiac research platform will support the creation of a more comprehensive understanding of diaconia in the region of Central and Eastern Europe (both institutionally and congregationally based). It will facilitate and support further developments of reflective, creative and effective diaconal initiatives and practice and further the advocacy of diaconia in church and society.

The interdiac research platform includes individuals and organizations that agree to interdiac vision and are open and committed to join the research initiatives in accordance to mutual interests and expertise.

Individuals and organizations are invited to join the platform if they agree to interdiac aims and wish to be committed to the work of the platform.

The platform is contextually grounded in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. Topics to be researched are discussed and agreed by the representatives of the platform and are implemented through a collective effort of the members.

The platform is an operational body.


  • Initiate and develop innovative research on diaconia and Christian social practice in the CEE region by the involvement of multidisciplinary teams in an intercultural and ecumenical environment.
  • Contribute to the exchange of ideas and best practice and to the sharing of already conducted research.
  • Offer a space for mutual sharing of the resources for research and reflection and the further development of individuals (capacity building in relation to research).
  • Stimulate ideas for new diaconal initiatives and innovative practice.

Organizations Involved in the Research Platform

  • Armenian Round Table, Armenia
  • Armenian Apostolic Church, Armenia
  • Diak, Finland - Diakonie in Niedersachsen, Germany
  • Eleos, Ukraine - Helsinki Deaconess Institute, Finland
  • MCA, Moldova
  • NDOBA, Georgia
  • Protestant Theological University, The Netherlands
  • Protestant Theological Faculty, Charles University, Czech Republic
  • Relevant, Slovakia
  • VID, Norway

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