Case studies from Central and Eastern Europe

The three case studies highlight experiences of Christian engagement with marginalized communities in very different contexts. It is twenty years since the momentous changes which, with the collapse of the former political – economic system redefined people ´s lives, values and behaviour and plunged many into poverty.

The three case studies presented are related to local community engagement but take different pathways and vantage points.

The first report, by Oxana Banaruc, from Moldova asks ´How is it possible to engage young people in thinking about the future of village in which they live?´

The Ukrainian case study, written by Nicole Borisuk, describes and analyses a project which is working long term with children and young people and families on the edge of society in two neighbourhoods of Odessa.

The case study from Armenian context focuses on the creation of a national platform of Churches which is related to the World Council of Churches. In that way, it is an example of a national church based NGO – like structure which also has close relations to other civil society developments.


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