Convivial Life Together


The eight Bible studies in this resource were produced by members of the solidarity group engaged in the process 'Seeking Conviviality - Re-forming Community Diakonia in Europe.

The strength of the publication is that each study is grounded in the experience of the writer and relates to one of the themes underlying the concept of diakonia as "creating conviviality". The participatory Bible studies all lead to the direction of practical action with people in congregations and localities. The themes are:

Vocation - the call to action in diakonia - three Bible studies invite people to look at their locality in a new way and to respond to what they discover when text and context are brought into dialogue.

Dignity - the connection between debt and dignity is explored in relation with the realities of indebtedness in local communities and the reading of the story of Naomi and Ruth casts new light on dignity and difference

Justice - exploring two parables, the idea of an economy where all have enough to live fully is emphasized and related to employment and economic policy.

This inspiring publication will be useful for those who wish to work on urgent themes facing the churches in Europe and who wish to develop diaconal motivation and action that enhances and protects dignity, and works for justice.

* Published in partnership of Lutheran World Federation and the International Academy for Diaconia and Social Action, Central and Eastern Europe, o.p.s. (interdiac).


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