Conviviality – Implications for Work and Economy

This booklet elaborates the concept and practices of conviviality in relation to the pressing need to rethink our ideas about work and the present underlying economic model.

It is built on the report Tony Addy wrote for the LWF process on re-forming community diakonia in Europe and adds new material on the reasons for and justification of these new approaches.

The text was produced for a seminar for diaconal workers concerned with work and economy and shared with other groups including specialists on church and work.

The booklet includes:

  • An introduction to conviviality as a concept relevant for work and economy with corresponding ways of working.
  • A critique of the present situation with a future perspective.
  • Concrete proposals for work, welfare and the economy, which churches and diaconal workers can adapt to their situation.
  • Ideas for action by churches and civil society (everyday life), for creating a stronger local economy and action for national and international change in the economy.


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