Ethical orientation on social work and work with young people

These guidelines have been produced by volunteers and workers engaged in work with young people in 10 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. They have been involved in writing and testing the Handbook, ‘Make Change Yourselves....’1 and in three follow up workshops on the implementation of the approach and methods which it advocates. The participants concluded that it is important to share the ethical criteria which, in their experience, underlie the working methods. However, we hope they will be useful to others in the field, whether or not they are using the interdiac Handbook!

We have divided the guidelines into sections.

The first section is related to working practice and follows the main sections and ideas contained in the Handbook. The guidelines do not cover all aspects of working with people, but are those arising from this specific interdiac programme.

The second section which outlines some very important ethical guidelines which should be observed when using the interdiac manual and the methods it includes. The guidelines for the training model support the same values as can be found in the practice guidelines, but sharpen them for the benefit of those organising or participating in.


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