Make Change Yourselves! Handbook for Working with Marginalised Young People

The first interdiac Handbook, ‘Make change yourselves! - Handbook for empowering young people in everyday life!’ is full of innovative methods and tools for working with young people.

It is meant for everyone who works with young people, especially in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, no matter whether they are volunteers, activists or paid youth workers.

The unique feature of the Handbook is that it was produced by people who work directly with young people in their everyday lives. It is a product of a learning programme that was organized by interdiac and many of the ideas and features in the book have been tested by the participants of this training. Therefore, the Handbook is a common product of all the participants and team members of the Mobile Workshop programme.

The Handbook is divided into three different parts of which the first one is ‘my involvement’. In this part, attention is paid to the question of each worker’s own motivation in working with young people. It is essential to be able to reflect on one’s own motivation and expectation in order to work in a way that is empowering and participatory and not for any reason counter-productive.

The second part is called ‘my practice’ and is the more practical part within the Handbook. It aims at enhancing participation and empowerment and at developing group action by the young people.

The last part ‘background information’ contains some analytical material about situations which some young people in the region of Central and Eastern Europe face. Furthermore, a glossary of useful terms is included and some links which participants of the workshop considered to be important.

The DVD, which is included with the Handbook, contains amongst other items, some more useful tools and methods as well as further links and videos.

The Handbook can be used for personal orientation to work with young people, as a basis of a training process for youth workers and some of the material can be used directly with young people themselves.

Publication is not available in pdf format. If you want to order the Handbook and DVD, please, contact office at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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