New Directions for Diaconia

This paper is grounded in the practice of diaconal social workers from Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. It is one outcome of the joint work of participants in the interdiac programme ‘Developing Innovative Practice for Diverse Communities - Supporting Conviviality and Sustainability’.

During the programme the participants reflected on the issues of increasing diversity and growing inequality. These issues often raise barriers between people, contribute to hostility and destroy the basis of common peaceful living. Based on their experience and their learning in the interdiac programme, the group makes proposals for Christian social practice, for the churches and for public policy.

In the paper you may read:

  • A critique of the present situation with a concern for further deterioration of common well-being.
  • Concrete ideas and steps for professional practice to ensure the co-presence with people in need, which social and diaconal workers, churches and NGO’s can adapt to their situation.
  • Proposals for action by churches enabling them to become part of the community, encouraging members of church to be active citizens and recognising God’s presence between people through seeking the convivial living together in justice and with dignity.
  • Concrete proposals for welfare, social policy and the economy which may be addressed to governmental bodies.


International Academy for Diaconia and Social Action
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