New directions in voluntary action and community engagement

This Publication is a product of a learning programme, including two study workshops and seminars for grass root workers, which took place in Helsinki and Český Těšín. One of unique features of this publication is that it came out of the participatory approach that was implemented throughout whole learning process, including the elaboration of this publication. This means that the ideas it contains are directly related to everyday practice.

We base our work on the ideas that the most important resources for diaconal and social work are the involved and committed workers, paid or voluntary and the people with whom they work.

The observations, thoughts, reflections and tools we shared are inspiring, but the most important impressive factor in this process is commitment and approach of engaged people. Therefore, the focus of this publication will be on developing the approach to people and contexts as we have discovered them in practice, in the hope that this will support and encourage others in the field.


International Academy for Diaconia and Social Action
Dukelská 264/5
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