Seeking Conviviality....

...the art & practice of living together

A new core concept for Diaconia


interdiac members were searching for a concept that would be open to the experience of living with diversity and which would not close the church off from the wider society; on the contrary it should open the church for shared life. Dialogue and the building of trustful relationships were seen to be keys...

The word 'conviviality' summarizes what we were searching for! The main questions seemed to be: 'How can we live together?' ('con vivere'), 'How can diaconia contribute to people living a good life together?' and 'What kind of economic and social policy supports living together?'

This booklet describes the background to the new concept and invites you to join the journey to discover the essence of conviviality in practice and reflection; at the same time it is an invitation to join the movement seeking conviviality across the world.

Seeking Conviviality.......the art & practice of living together


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