Towards a Diaconal Church 1
Harkujärve Parish, Estonia

The first booklet in this new series tells the story of a church which was closed, and which was brought to new life by seeing itself at the heart of the community and by being responsive to the everyday needs of people. The basic idea is that the church should be with people in their whole life and evolve an appropriate approach to faith and spirituality closely linked to the needs of people. The story which focuses on ‘conviviality’ is told through the sharing of diverse voices of those involved.

Here you can read:

  • The story of the development of the congregation and church.
  • The perspective of the pastor, Avo Üprus and his view of ministry.
  • The voices of the diverse people who are part of the church or its activities.
  • The perspective of a student pastor who had a placement in the congregation.
  • The voice of a student visitor, part of a group who spent time staying in the church

of the pastor, Avo Üprus, those who visit the church and those who are part of the activities.


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