Providing a safe environment for all people


Welcome to participate in this workshop, which is for professional workers and volunteers in social organizations or agencies as well as for pastors and others working in churches and congregations. It is for all who, in their everyday practice, are working with adults, young people or children or who are responsible for such work.

The innovative workshop is concerned with practices which provide a safe environment that protects participants from the risk of harm or abuse. It can be in a social service context or in the work or a local congregation or community project. It is related to all who work with people and not only for those who work with people who we normally think of as being ‘at risk’.

The workshop is based on the experience of Church of Scotland which has become a leader in the practice of creating structures and processes for recognizing and responding to the situations where children, young people or adults are at risk of harm or abuse.


Key Theme of the Programme

The workshop aims to ensure that a person who works with people of any age is informed and is able to deal with safeguarding issues correctly and sensitively, preserving the dignity of a person and contributing to building safe environment for all. It will include the ways to create an open approach which all involved (workers, service users, participants etc.) understand and clear processes for any who want to raise an issue related to abuse or mistreatment.


Main Learning Points

  • Introducing what safeguarding is all about and learning what is harm and abuse in the perspective of safeguarding. Identifying who may be at risk of abuse in different settings.
  • Exploring what to do immediately, when harm is suspected, witnessed or reported.
  • Learning to work on how to respond, if a person at risk or someone else tells you, about harmful situation: creating a step-by-step guide for safeguarding and a learning process for implementation.
  • Building an understanding of harm and abuse from the point of a human rights framework, as a way to preserve dignity of a person and ensure the good practice of the agency, church or congregation.
  • Going into depth in terms of creating a safeguarding policy for the organisation or church and relating that to the national level and ensuring that all participants are aware of the policy and practice.
  • Promoting the understanding of the role of the church in ensuring the protection of vulnerable people.
  • Relating safeguarding work to wider standards and responsibilities, including fostering joint work with the police and public services towards public safety.



The workshop will blend the sharing of participants’ experience with gaining fresh knowledge and practicing new skills. The emphasis will be on a participatory approach to learning.


Who is invited to join the Course

  • Social and youth workers, pastoral workers, diaconal workers and those responsible for the work of organisations or churches in terms of the quality of work with people and groups.



If you wish to participate in the course, please, write a short motivation letter covering the questions:
- Briefly describe your current involvement in social, diaconal or pastoral work (max 10 sentences)
- Explain why you want to participate in this course. What are your learning goals? How this course will help your practice? (max 15 sentences)



1. Your motivational letter is expected by the 15th November 2018 at the latest. Please, send it to this email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
2. The chosen candidates will be informed and invited to the Course at the latest by the 3rd of December 2018
3. Participants will need a working knowledge of English


Duration of the Course

15th January 2, 00 pm – 17th January 1, 30 pm 2019,
Český Těšín, the Czech Republic


Financial matters

The course fee is 30 EUR plus the cost of accommodation in Český Těšín during the Course. These costs are kept to a minimum.
Admitted participants will have the possibility to apply for financial support to help cover travel and accommodation expenses.


Contact for more details:

Ms. Miriam Walachova
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: + 420 558 764 336
Mobile: +420 731 685 672


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