This is an invitation to undertake a journey with interdiac from its foundation. These are the footprints that were left and which continue to live in the hearts, minds and souls of all those who have been involved in interdiac.
With the gratitude from humbly walking with God and with people who share the compassion to live, work and change & to be changed, interdiac is learning community for Christian social action and living conviviality, you are invited to join this journey in community.


  • a dynamic Academy supporting diaconia and social action in Central and Eastern Europe, including the independent states and Russia.
  • offering learning programmes to share and develop knowledge and skills.
  • supporting networking, research and development.
  • delivering an innovative Double Degree Programme in Social services, with a focus on Diaconia and Christian social practice, with its partner Universities.
  • growing, with 15 partner organizations.
The different activities of interdiac are presented thematically, including those organised as a study programme or individually designed activities. They are marked by different colours:

Event devoted to working with marginalised young people
Event devoted to community diaconia
Event devoted to the building of new partnerships
Event of the joint consultation process with Lutheran World Federation (LWF)
Event introducing the outcomes of the joint LWF consultation process
Event where interdiac was a partner organisation
Developmental diaconia initiative
Honorary Council Meetings
Double degree programme
20 08
20 09
20 10
20 11
20 12
20 13
20 14
20 15
20 16
20 17
20 18


International Academy for Diaconia and Social Action
Dukelská 264/5
737 01 Český Těšín - Czech Republic

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