How to be involved in interdiac

As a Partner Organisation

Organisations in Central and Eastern Europe, which share the vision of interdiac may become Partner Organisations. The Partner Organisations are closely involved in developing all the programmes of the Academy. In some cases they will also provide a base for local or national activities of the Academy. Many of the course members and resource persons and teachers also come from the Partner Organisations. In this way the new Academy aims to be a tool for networking and development.

If an organisation wishes to become a Partner Organisation, it must be able to:

  1. Agree with the aims of interdiac.
  2. Sign a memorandum of understanding with interdiac.

Copies of the aims and memorandum are available from the interdiac office.

Normally, applicant organisations should be active participants in interdiac activities (a training programme, for example) for at least a year before being accepted as Partner Organisations, so that they become familiar with the organisation. The application may be made during this period.

The organisation should apply in writing to the office of interdiac.

The application letter should include:

  • the statute or governing structure of the organisation,
  • latest financial and annual report of the organisation,
  • a completed form giving the official information about the organisation,
  • a statement of the reasons for wishing to become a Partner Organisation of interdiac,
  • a description of the expertise and any other resources which the Partner Organisation may be able to offer to support the work of interdiac.

The applications will be considered by the next possible meeting of the Board of interdiac. Organisations which are accepted as partners are automatically members of the Honorary Council and through that are represented in the interdiac Advisory Board.

The representatives of the Honorary Council are expected to attend the meetings of Honorary Council regularly. The meetings of Honorary Council take place at least once a year. In case, the organization is not represented for 3 years, the membership will lapse and the organization will have to re-apply to the Executive Board for membership.

As a Strategic Partner

Organisations may become strategic partners of interdiac if they share the common vision with interdiac and are involved in an agreed joint long term activity. This will be by the decision of the interdiac Board on the recommendation of the Director.

As an Operational Partner

Organisations, which are involved in specific projects, may become Operational Partners of interdiac. This will be by the decision of the interdiac Board on the recommendation of the Director.

In case of any questions, please, contact the interdiac Director via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.