Talking points on The challenge of new horizons

In this publication you will be guided to learning context of our Double Degree Programme in Social Services with focus on Diaconia and Christian Action by our student Ihor Kornii. Ihor is in the 3rd year of our studies. + pod Read more umiestniť doc Talking points


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Annual report 2017

We would like to welcome you to our Annual Report for 2017! It is now almost ten years since interdiac was founded and we hope that in this report you will discern the signs of a still developing network and organisation. interdiac continues to involve new people and organisations and to inspire new initiatives.

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Report on 1. Workshop : Developing innovative practice for diverse communities

The interdiac team has launched a new eighteen-month learning programme for social and diaconal workers in Eastern Europe with the aim to support ‘Innovation, Conviviality and Sustainability’. Our first workshop took place in Gyumri, Armenia from 9th to 13th of April.


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Talking points on Congregations as the development motors for a local community - two models to increase the wellbeing and life quality of children and families

Observing the post-communist face of Estonia, we can see that the scars of violence, of forced collectivism and national lie lay fresh on its skin. This impression is not only set in stone, thanks to the tasteless architecture of soviet-collective farms, but even more it is embedded in the thought and behavioural patterns. Most of the people have no trust in collaboration and collective entrepreneurship.


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Report on Seminar on Diaconia creates conviviality

The seminar, which was held 4th - 8th December 2017 in Český Těšín was the second within the joint interdiac and St Martin Lutheran congregation initiative “Diaconia Creates Conviviality”. The event gathered 8 representatives of the churches and diaconia of Lutheran and Reformed church from Ivano-Frankovsk and Kiev. They all are gathered in the Missionary Association in Ukraine.


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