interdiac continuously works in partnership with member organisations, other churches and organisations and individuals.

Partner Organisations

Organisations in Central and Eastern Europe, which support the aims ofthe Academy may become Partner Organisations.

Partners nominate members to the Honorary Council of the Academy and are represented in the Advisory Board.

interdiac already has 14 partner organisations across the region.

Strategic Partner

Organisations may become strategic partners of interdiac if they share a common vision with interdiac and are involved in an agreed joint long term activity. Partnership agreement is by the decision of the interdiac Board on the recommendation of the Director.

interdiac works with Eurodiaconia and Lutheran World Federation with the long term perspective of having a strategic partnership with them.

How to be involved in

You are invited to join interdiac initiatives by an individual offer of your personal and organisational talents and resources or cooperating in a joint activity.

Click on the link below for more information about Partnership and involvement in interdiac.


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