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Diaconia University of Applied Sciences

logo male diakDiaconia University of Applied Sciences (Diak) offers high quality, innovative degree programmes of education and training in diaconia, nursing, sign language interpretation, community interpreting, social services and youth work. Diak emphasises a close relationship to practice and working life. It has five campuses located in different regions of Finland.

Diak also offers postgraduate studies in diaconia, health promotion and social services, and carries out research and development work. All Diak units are actively engaged in the specific social and health issues of their own regions.

Diak values are based on Christianity, therefore, we emphasise the human dignity of each person. Diak is committed to social justice, solidarity and the empowerment of people. It aims to train people to influence social change, work for a multicultural society and fight social exclusion.

Diak has about 3,000 students. Approximately 40 % of the students choose to take courses that give them dual qualifications in the fields of social work, youth work, diaconal or youth work in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.

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